Sunday, November 21, 2010

50 DKP Minus - Meme.

In was some where in the beginning of 2006 when a person in the guild of "Wipe Club" record a Ventrilo convo of the guild leader "Dives," and their attempt at killing Onyxia(World of Warcraft raid boss monster thingy big dragon fire breathing lady female drago). It was a 40 man level 60 Tier 2 raid at the time gone bad basically. 

When this someone made this flash to go with the ventrilo conversation it just went viral and 50 DKPMinus was /insert born.

- DKP: Dragon Kill Points: essentially a barter system where you gain points for killing bosses, attending raids, etc and use them to buy items that are dropped by said bosses.
- DoT: Damage over Time: refers to inflicting some damage on one's foe which will be applied at a regular interval for a limited duration.
- Whelps: Onyxian Whelps spawn at regular intervals during phase 2 of the Onyxia encounter.


  1. me and my friend would always talk about this in school when I use to play vanilla WoW haha

  2. Sounds like the guy on the help desk last time I called Microsoft.

  3. u should get that thor trailer up in this bitch, i havent seen it but i heard its badass

  4. you are one of my favourite blogers

  5. I love this lol. The first time I saw it I was with my friends at a party and we were all drunk. We all died from laughing. Even people that had no idea what he was talking about lol.

  6. So the guild didn't defeat the Onyxia boss, but as a result, they did become semi-internet famous. So some good did come out of failure.

  7. OMFG i love this video. thanks.

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  9. Wow! I remember seeing this video years ago. Thanks for reminding me, this stuff is classic.